• Alex

Getting messy...

The shed has taken a beating on the tidiness front and I'm struggling to keep frustration in check whilst wading through blunt sandpaper and cleaning rags. It's past time to have a clean-up and get everything back on track!

In the photo you can see the rack and tray used to hold the shells during patination (bottom right). This involves heating the bronze to a couple of hundred degrees before applying chemicals to the surface which react to form the coloured surface seen on most bronzes. These reactions can range from simply accelerating the natural aging of the bronze to more exciting contemporary effects.

The two homemade furnaces, the silver preheat electric at back centre and the crucible furnace behind the patination stand next to my Myford ML7 lathe are hibernating until the next casting session. Out of frame is my much loved TIG welder and a homemade bench grinder, I'll show these in a later post.


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